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Welcome to Clear Life Scoliosis Reduction and Chiropractic located in Huntersville, North Carolina. At Clear Life Scoliosis Center, the mission is to provide a non-surgical and effective results-oriented approach to treating spinal disorders. Clear Life Scoliosis and Reduction Chiropractic is dedicated to treating patients regardless of the severity of their scoliosis, age, or residence. At this practice, you will find that our Huntersville chiropractors have a deep passion to serve, as well as sincere compassion for our patients.


Currently, there are only over fifty CLEAR™ Scoliosis Centers in the United States and around the world. Dr. Dick is currently the only CLEAR Certified Chiropractor in the States of North and South Carolina, as well as additional adjoining states.

Finishing his post-doctorate work through the CLEAR Institute in scoliosis reduction, Dr. Dick has seen “lives transformed and restored. When modern medicine says that it is impossible, we’ve seen overcomers.”

Did your child just get diagnosed with scoliosis? We've assembled information about Scoliosis and Treatment options for you.

Individualized Treatment Options -
We offer individualized Scoliosis treatment to specifically care for your child

Dr. Justin's Feature Podcasts

Clear Life Scoliosis Reduction & Chiropractic
Life Beyond the Curve

Dr. Justin Dick holds a Standard & Intensive Care Certification from Clear Institute. He is one of an elite group of chiropractors in the world that holds that Intensive Care Credential. Scoliosis is a progressive condition, the nature of which may worsen over time, especially if left untreated or not treated appropriately. That's why proactive treatment is so important. Even a curvature that starts out as mild, if allowed to progress unimpeded, can increase in severity at varying rates.

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  • How To Find Us

    The Clear Life Scoliosis Reduction and Chiropractic office may be easily found in Huntersville, North Carolina and easily accessed off from Interstate 77.

  • Common scoliosis Treatment Misconceptions

    What are some common misconceptions that people have in your city about scoliosis? It is a common misconception that scoliosis may generally only be treated with surgical intervention. However, we offer a less invasive and patient-centered methodology for treatment of scoliotic conditions. Our care is based on an individualized plan of care that is developed from initial and updated assessments throughout treatment. The CLEAR protocol is known to help 95% of scoliosis patients improve their condition and spinal curvature without surgery. Although results are not guaranteed our patients’ results speak for themselves.

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    If you are interested in taking control of your health and changing your life forever, we offer unique, non-surgical, results-oriented solutions for your Scoliosis. The CLEAR™ methodology has corrected thousands of scoliosis curves.

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