Insurance In Huntersville NC

Chiropractic Huntersville NC Insurance

At CLEAR Life Scoliosis Reduction & Chiropractic, we do not bill insurance, which means we can work directly for you, not the insurance company or corporation. That means there is no need for co-pays or deductibles for your care in our Huntersville NC chiropractic clinic. Instead, you pay us directly for the care and services provided.

Affordable Care Act In Huntersville NC

The Affordable Care Act requires healthcare consumers nationwide to have healthcare insurance coverage or pay a penalty. Insurance is required to be compliant with the Affordable Healthcare Act. You may use your insurance to pay for visits to specialists, the ER, hospital stays, etc. You may use any insurance or choose catastrophic coverage for those visits.

At Our Clinic

CLEAR Life Scoliosis Reduction & Chiropractic supplies chiropractic care services and makes those services available to you. We do not contract with any insurance organizations and care received at CLEAR Life Scoliosis Reduction & Chiropractic does not go towards insurance deductibles. All patients are responsible for inquiring with their insurance or cost-sharing organizations on the possibility of coverage & managing their billing process. CLEAR Life will not bill any organization for care provided. Dr. Justin has opted out of Medicare and Medicaid which stipulates that Medicare and Medicaid-covered members cannot attempt to obtain insurance reimbursement for CLEAR Life Scoliosis Reduction & Chiropractic services, as well. Health Spending Accounts (HSA) may cover certain medical expenses provided so we encourage you to check with your HSA organization on coverage possibilities.

Please note that because CLEAR Life Scoliosis Reduction & Chiropractic only supplies chiropractic care services, you may want to consider purchasing health insurance to cover catastrophic medical expenses that may incur outside of this practice scope and to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act to avoid paying a penalty.

We do offer CareCredit for services. If you are interested, you can set up your account HERE.


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