Scoliosis Treatment via CLEAR™

Scoliosis Treatment via CLEAR™

Are you looking a Huntersville chiropractor that treats scoliosis? The CLEAR™ Institute is the only chiropractic scoliosis treatment taught through a University. This means it is the only program that has gone through a rigorous vetting to verify validity and accountability.

What are some common misconceptions that people have about scoliosis? It is a common misconception that scoliosis may generally only be treated with surgical intervention. However, we offer a less invasive and patient-centered methodology for treatment of scoliotic conditions.

Scoliosis affects everyone differently. That is why our care is based on an individualized plan of care that is developed from initial and updated assessments throughout treatment.

What you can expect from us


  • Xrays – We begin our treatment program with precise xrays of the complete spine. This is done to determine the present functioning of the spine. The doctor reviews each xray to determine your individualized plan of care.


  • Warm-Up Protocol– Our patients warm up by using several techniques including cervical traction, vibrating traction, and a motorized table that is utilized to re-structure the ligaments after warm-up. This step assists the discs in remaining flexible in preparation for structural changes to the spine through Chiropractic adjustment.


  • Chiropractic Adjustment – In accordance with CLEAR™ protocols, almost all adjusting of the neck is performed with instruments that enhance both the precision and effectiveness of the adjustment.
    The utilization of the adjustment is correlated with the information obtained on the xrays and therefore is individualized. Drop tables and mechanical instruments are utilized to reduce the amount of force needed to correct the patient’s scoliosis.


  • Solidifying the Work – After the adjustment is completed, the spine will be “set” in its corrected position. This assists in obtaining permanency of changes made in the adjustment. This step involves whole body vibration therapy, traction chair and spinal weighting. This step is completed to confirm that corrections of the spine will not remain temporary.


After the initial series of treatments are completed, xrays are taken to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment protocol at that time and are focused as much as possible on the patient’s specific condition. Treating scoliosis takes time; first we work to slow down the momentum and then work to change the course of the condition.


An integral component in achieving long term results is active home care. It has been found home care increases the effectiveness of the program 2-3 times. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine stated, “The patient must combat the disease along with the physician.” We cannot guarantee results. Patients who are willing to work alongside the doctor and who are committed to working “actively” to obtain results.

Traditional methods of scoliosis treatment, i.e. surgery, etc., are thought to be “passive” therapies. The CLEAR™ Institute’s method, by comparison, is considered more of an “active” process. In this method, the doctor teaches the patient how to do the procedures, and the patient does them. A small portion of our protocols could be considered “passive” by medical standards, but the effectiveness of these treatments on their own is limited without the involvement and commitment of the patient.


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