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Scoliosis Treatment Results Pre/Post Xrays


"I feel like I'm getting my life back. Dr. Justin was amazing. He's the definitive health care professional!"

"Seven years ago the scoliosis in my back began to erode my quality of life. It started with left leg weakness and quickly developed into chronic debilitating left leg pain. Five weeks ago I spent two weeks with Dr. Justin Dick and the Clear Life approach to treatment and the experience has transformed my life. Hope is restored.

Since you're reading this I'll assume that you or someone you love is struggling like I have. You're not sure what to do or what to believe. I understand. I hope that sharing my story will be helpful.

I'm 57 years old and 50 pounds overweight. Three months ago I couldn't sit, stand or walk for more than 10 minutes at a time without excruciating pain. My life felt as though it had finally been completely stripped away."

Let me share with you some of the things that I have tried in seven years. Chiropractic adjustments, decompression therapy, keto diet and losing 40 lbs, quitting smoking, back surgery. None of it helped. Acupuncture, acccupressure, graston, yoga for scoliosis, epidurals, nerve blocks, meditation, physical therapy, massage, electronic stimulation, none of it helped. Prescription drugs, when they did help, wore off. Lumbar traction was what exacerbated my pain three months ago. I was defeated.

Mainstream medicine directed me to an orthopedic surgeon that told me my only hope was reconstructive surgery that would straighten my lumbar spine using lots of hardware. 2 surgeries taking 8-10 hours, 2-4 days in ICU and a recovery of 6 months to a year. No guarantees on the outcome long term.

My wife found Justin and Clear. We discussed my condition, expectations and what the treatment would look like. We researched Clear Life and their approach. The calls with Justin, his concern, understanding and communication gave us confidence in making the commitment. Soon we traveled from PA to NC to work with Justin for two weeks.

On day one Justin measured the major Cobb angle in my lumbar spine at 52 degrees. This was a 15 degree increase from 5 years ago at 37 degrees. Once my physical was complete we started the Clear Life approach. The first week was challenging but it was the only time in seven years that I was receiving therapies that were not making my condition worse. Everything else I had done up to this time had always increased the pain.

During week two I was able to take short walks in the evening with my wife at the hotel. Sitting and standing were getting easier. At the end of week two my Cobb angle measured 46 degrees.

Justin was amazing! His mantra is “Motion is Lotion”. He made me feel like I mattered. Like my improvement mattered. He’s honest, empathetic and focused. Watching him with other patients it’s easy to see that this behavior is just who he is. Yet while doing all of this he keeps the mood light with humor, a smile and a hearty laugh. He is the definitive “Health Care Professional”.

Starting my 4th week of continuing home therapy and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to work with Justin. Each week I have less pain and I can feel my back getting stronger. I feel like I’m going to have my life back thanks to Justin and Clear.

- John

"The body is truly an amazing thing and if we get it into the correct shape and form, it will function as God intended. I couldn't have done this without my chiropractor. Thank you for changing my life!"

"Where do I even start? First off - I feel just truly blessed that I even had an opportunity to enroll in such a life-changing program. My chiropractor is hands down one of the most caring and intelligent individuals I've ever had the chance to work with."

"I was a little nervous before starting the program but I ended up seeing positive results very quickly (even as soon as the end of day 1). Prior to my 10 day back treatment, I started with 31 degrees and after day 6, it reduced to 24 degrees.

I also went from being in moderate to severe back and neck pain on a daily basis to minimal pain (if that). The body is truly an amazing thing and if we get it into the correct shape and form, it will function as God intended. I couldn't have done this without my chiropractor! Thank you for changing my life!"

- L. Smith


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